Post Market Surveillance Service

Post Market Surveillance Service

Post Market Surveillance is the single most crucial activity that an organization has to perform after its device is placed on the market. PMS activities ─ collecting and analyzing data through multiple sources, conducting PMCF activities, writing PMS related reports, updating inter-dependent regulatory documents based on the PMS outcomes ─ can overwhelm best of the teams in an organization!


Don’t worry, Alceon can help you in the following areas of PMS:

  • Design the PMS system which includes writing effective PMS and PMCF plans
  • Design and conduct PMCF studies
  • Collect data, analyze trends and develop PMS Reports/Periodic Safety Update Reports

Our team consists of experienced PMS experts, Medical Writers, Data Scientists and Biostatisticians. We have, in our panel, external clinical experts as consultants for an independent review of the clinical data.

Our clinical and Post Market Surveillance services include designing and conducting clinical studies, analysing data and writing clinical reports as per regulatory regime where you wish to submit your data. Our professional team is currently engaged in over 10 surveillance activities ranging from implants to disposable devices.

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